Micro-transactions for everyday use.

Dimecoin is a digital payment solution built on speed and security which makes it ideal for micro payments. It can be utilized online or in-store through our open source network which is supported by users worldwide.

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Dimecoin Features


Quark algorithm is 9-rounds of SHA-512 hashes of different algorithm digests


Based on the Quark algorithm, DIME can be mined via CPU, GPU, or ASIC miners.

Low Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are just fractions of a coin calculated at: 3e-7/kb, 1e-4 min

Dimecoin Wallet

Keep your Dimecoin secure with our mobile and desktop wallets.
Encrypted wallet backup
Transaction progress indicator
Automatic fiat conversion
QR Code Scanning
Simplified payment verification
Multiple Address Support


We envision Dimecoin as a digital payment solution which will be used across the globe through a variety of individual and third-party integrations.
  • 2013: Dimecoin Creation

    Coin inception and development
    Node deployment
    Wallet production and deployment

  • Q1

    2018 | Re-Org, Site-Relaunch, Community

    Communication and community organization
    Website updated with roadmap, whitepaper and team detail
    Increase Dimecoin awareness and purpose/use

  • Q2

    2018 | Dev/Marketing Growth, Wallet, Exposure

    Development and Marketing team growth
    Android/iOS/Windows/Mac Wallet
    Listing on additional exchanges
    Wallet update

  • Q3

    2018 | Partnerships, Dime Store, DimeDonation

    Business acceptance and partnerships with brands/companies
    Dime Store; available to purchase product
    Implementation of DimeDonation

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